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R’s only mistake in her first few hours of life was that she was born a girl. And for this, she suffered a great penalty. She was cast into the garbage, left for dead. Can you imagine a newborn, all alone, frightened, hungry, crying out as she lay in the garbage dump? Ants ate her nose and no one was there to wipe them away or to comfort her. This sweet baby endured more pain in her first few days of life than most people do in a lifetime. Thankfully, someone heard her cries and pulled her from the filth, but not before the ants had done major damage to her face. A family has fallen in love with and is in the process of adopting her. Sweet R will have to have major reconstructive surgery to repair the damage that was done to her all because she was born a girl.


M entered the orphanage at just 3 years old and yet in her short life, she had already experienced so much trauma that left its permanent mark on her. She waited almost 4 years before she finally found her forever family. When her family was finally able to go to India to bring her home, they found out that she tested positive for Tuberculosis. Miraculously, she was still given a visa and able to enter the US. Upon arrival, her family took her to the local Children’s Hospital where it was discovered that she had suffered full blown TB in her lungs that left unimaginable scar tissue. The doctors were shocked that she survived. In addition, they discovered that the TB was still active in her eye. With two surgeries and aggressive treatments, M is now on the road to a healthy recovery. This would not have been possible had she stayed in India. Even though the family had good insurance, they are still left with hefty medical bills.